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Case Study


Confused.com is renowned for helping consumers find the best deal on insurance products. Already known for their motor insurance, Confused.com hasn’t had as smooth an entrance into the life insurance market.

The client asked us to increase the scale of their PPC campaign, without sacrificing any efficiency. Essence was tasked with increasing volume threefold.


Data holds the key to unlocking the potential of the campaign. Allocating the full value of each click accurately would enable us to bid more aggressively. This is quite a challenge as life insurance has a lengthy research process.

Once accurate tracking is in place, the priority is having the right bid management strategy to leverage in the best way the data available.


Sophisticated tracking solutions were implemented. We combined search engine data, client customer information and our own tracking pixel information to create a comprehensive dashboard with daily data, which was available within an hour of each separate feed being received. Customer data throughout the conversion purchase was collected and attributed directly to keyword-level paid search activity. With complete access to the data, we were able to assess the current performance in detail.

We restructured the account to increase quality score and then, after thorough market research and an in-depth analysis of our client’s data, implemented a third party bid-management solution. Based on the distribution and trends of the data we opted for a portfolio bid-management approach. By using Essence, Adwords and a third party conversion tracking pixels, we had numerous sources against which to benchmark and review performance, ensuring any data discrepancies were quickly realised and rectified.


Implementing the new structure and working to continually evolve the account helped achieve great scale, with total month-on-month volume increasing by over 1,000% over the first 6 full months without any significant loss in efficiency.

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  • Volume vs. Efficency